Use your salvation story on the internet as another way to share Christ through CROSS Evangelism Training. You can start today! Just click on the image below and follow the instructions.

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What is CROSS Evangelism?

CROSS Evangelism Training is a five session training course that teaches 6 ways to share the good news of God’s forgiveness and eternal life. Participants will learn how to share Christ in a variety of settings, even if they only have a few moments.


Through the CROSS Evangelism Training system participants will learn much more of what salvation is and how it’s applied. The history, meaning, message, and victory of the cross will be learned in detail. They will discover how God can use you in bringing a message of hope to people in need.


CROSS teaches how to start an interesting conversation that will lead to sharing a personal story of salvation. The skills needed for personal evangelism on the job, at school, in the home and everywhere in between will be explored.


CROSS Evangelism Training can deepen their relationship with God and with others. Participants will discover how the gospel of Christ applied to a life will change it forever. CROSS Evangelism Training will be helpful in just about every part of your church and spiritual life. It can strengthen your devotion to Christ by helping you to keep His commands to love others and share the gospel.